21 Nov 17

New Business Protection Specialist

Brian Davies

We would like to introduce Brian Davies as the newest member of our team at SMQ. Brian has officially joined us as a Business Protection Specialist, to help us service this expanding marketplace. Financial Services Brian has over 40 years experience in the banking and financial services industry, and we are confident that he will be successful in helping us serve the increasing demand from our existing and new clients. Business Protection Advice It is well known that there is very…

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25 Jul 16

Do you really need Income Protection?

Well according to a new report come out from one of the UK's largest insurance companies Liverpool Victoria it would only take less than six days for a UK household to fall into panic if the primary homemaker was unable to do their normal tasks, however, just seven per cent of homemakers actually have income protection insurance. In spite of working much longer hours than most people expect, housewives and househusbands are the happiest in their careers. Tasks like cooking, cleaning and childcare…

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30 Jun 15

Don’t bury your head in the sand!

The Auto Enrolment letters may have started landing from the pensions regulator, but ignore them at your peril. That's the message we're conveying to businesses who believe that they don't need to take action. Whether you are a business with 1 employee or 1,000, every business needs to act and have a plan in place.  Most of the larger firms have now setup their schemes (or staged) but it's now the turn of the SME. Many IFA's are charging considerable fees in…

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22 Dec 14

Private Health Insurance; we don’t just sell it, we use it too!

Below is an example of how important Private Health Insurance can be to bypass NHS waiting times. Recently one of our team became quite sick and fortunately for him he was able to receive diagnosis quickly….here is his story. I started to suffer with chronic stomach pains on Saturday 15th November 2014 and was able to arrange an appointment with my GP at 10:00am the following morning.  She recommended an ultra sound but did say it would be around a…

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29 Aug 14

Can you afford not to have a Health Screening?

As a company we've been promoting health screenings for some time, but for some unknown reason, as humans we seem to put more emphasis on the health of our cars than we do our bodies. If our car is over three years old, then every year we are required by law to have it MOT'd and signed off "fit for the road."    Why then do very few people value their own bodies as much as they do their car? I have today received a…

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19 Aug 14

Could your life cover be more tax efficient?

Providing death in service benefits for your employees can inadvertently create potential tax problems for those high earners with substantial pension funds. Are you having trouble getting access to a group scheme because your company is considered to have too few employees? Taking out a Relevant Life Policy could be a tax efficient way of helping to provide the valuable life cover and financial security you want for your employees and for your family. These policies are designed for individual…

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