08 Aug 14

Weight loss study indicates people no happier even with health benefits

A recent weight loss study has indicated that even when people enjoy the health benefits of losing weight, they do not feel any better. (source BBC Health) Unfortunately conventional DIEting just doesn’t seem to be working.  Generally many of these fad diets are based around restricting calories and not balancing the macro nutrients correctly. Ultimately people end up losing weight but much of this is water and muscle (up to 40% muscle).  The end result is they have a smaller…

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06 Aug 14

Daily aspirin ‘cuts bowel and stomach cancer deaths’ – this week!

Interesting story in the press today, we can now take Aspirin because it cuts the chance of developing bowel and stomach cancer but only the other week we were being told not to take it for our hearts because there is no clear benefit………..confused or what?? (source BBC Health) However, if you are at high risk of bleeding, taking blood thinning medication, a frequent smoker or drinker, then you are more likely to suffer side effects. Again, no mention of nutrition…

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05 Aug 14

Antibiotics handed out like sweets

Yet another story in the news about how antibiotics are being handed out like sweets to patients just for the common cold (BBC Health). Generally these prescribed antibiotics won't treat the problem in the first place, but secondly patients often don't finish the course.  This then leads to virus's becoming resilient to these antibiotics and making them less effective.  From personal experience when ones nutritional intake of quality fruit and veg are increased as well as taking a quality supplement,…

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04 Aug 14

Save money and get more??

I've just had an example land in my inbox where a client of ours paying more than £4,000 for their company paid medical insurance has saved money and added a Cash Plan for all their staff. If you don't have a Cash Plan, then talk to us as they are a great employee benefit and you can start claiming straight away for things like new glasses, routine dental treatments as we all cover any excess on the PMI plan.  Many more of…

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04 Mar 14

Ex-smokers could save over £5,400 on life cover

Quitting smoking could cause 'impressive savings' on combined critical illness cover (CIC) and single life cover, Moneysupermarket has said. The comparison site revealed a 30 year old taking out CIC cover worth £150,000 over 25 years could save £5,421 over the term, or £18.07 per month, if they made the decision to go smoke free. The research also found that non-smokers could make considerable savings on single life cover - up to £1,548 with LV= on a single life insurance…

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03 Mar 14

Smoking breaks at work cost British businesses £8.4bn a year, study finds

~~Cigarette breaks at work cost British businesses £8.4bn a year in lost productivity of smokers who disappear for a cigarette for 10 minutes four times a day, new research reveals. Smoking breaks cost employers £1,815 a year for each full-time member of staff who lights up during working hours, according to a study for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). The one-in-five of the workforce who smoke take an average…

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