Can you afford not to have a Health Screening?

Submitted by Daniel on 29/08/14 - 2:47 pm

As a company we’ve been promoting health screenings for some time, but for some unknown reason, as humans we seem to put more emphasis on the health of our cars than we do our bodies. If our car is over three years old, then every year we are required by law to have it MOT’d and signed off “fit for the road.”    Why then do very few people value their own bodies as much as they do their car?

I have today received a lovely email from one of our team as she spoke to the wife of a client who had undergone a routine health assessment earlier in the year. The client chose to have the assessment in the comfort of his own offices and nothing untoward was detected at the time. Further standard lab based analysis of the gentlemen’s blood highlighted that there was an increased PSA reading.  As a result of this high reading he underwent a Prostatectomy and he’s now doing fine.

Had this gentleman not opted for a health screening then who knows what the outcome could have been.

If you’ve been meaning to organise a health screening for you, your family or your staff if you own a company, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We can arrange for clinic based screenings or ones carried out at home or the office and costs start at around £100………….Call us today and we’ll find most suitable screening for you.

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