Don’t bury your head in the sand!

Submitted by Daniel on 30/06/15 - 2:26 pm

The Auto Enrolment letters may have started landing from the pensions regulator, but ignore them at your peril. That’s the message we’re conveying to businesses who believe that they don’t need to take action. Whether you are a business with 1 employee or 1,000, every business needs to act and have a plan in place.  Most of the larger firms have now setup their schemes (or staged) but it’s now the turn of the SME.

Many IFA’s are charging considerable fees in order to deploy Auto Enrolment but we did not believe it was fair to charge these large fees for what we felt is quite a simple process; provided you know what you are doing. We have therefore put together a compliance guide which will walk you through the process of setting up your Auto Enrolment plan, using templates and other useful tools to help ensure that your business is compliant.

Best of all though, we’re doing it for FREE. As a thank you to our clients we provide them with a compliance manual they can use to ensure everything is in place and it will act as evidence to the regulator that the job has been done correctly.

We’re not providing any investment advice, just a helping hand to ensure that your Auto Enrolment plan has been put in place and executed in line with the regulators requirements.

For further information please visit our site and download our Free Report.

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