Legacy Planning

Bringing Peace of Mind to Legacy Planning

We all recognise the truth in the old adage that nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. However, now the SMQ Group has partnered with several legacy planners, so we can help you to plan for any uncertainty and bring peace of mind so that your wishes are carried through.

It is surprising how many people still do not make a proper will, leading to the common problem of sideways disinheritance: assets meant for children and other beneficiaries being diverted away due to any number of changes in circumstances that affect many of us in our lifetimes.

This Includes:

  • You or your spouse re-marrying after becoming widowed
  • A beneficiary becoming divorced
  • A beneficiary suffering a hardship
  • You suffering a loss of capacity
  • What happens to a joint business partnership in the event of a death or serious
  • How you will mitigate generational inheritance tax through proper prior planning

Being partnered with well recognised legacy planning firms we can understand your
finances, plus they will have a great deal of knowledge of changes in your circumstances
over time. This means we are ideally placed to ensure your ongoing legacy planning
remains fully up to date and in line with your wishes.

Contact us today for an initial appointment or telephone call for free, and if you wish
to put a plan in place then we can proceed swiftly.

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