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Submitted by Dave Collinge on 21/11/17 - 9:56 am

Brian Davies

We would like to introduce Brian Davies as the newest member of our team at SMQ. Brian has officially joined us as a Business Protection Specialist, to help us service this expanding marketplace.

Financial Services

Brian has over 40 years experience in the banking and financial services industry, and we are confident that he will be successful in helping us serve the increasing demand from our existing and new clients.

Business Protection Advice

It is well known that there is very little advice in the marketplace when it comes to business protection. Many of our clients have policies which were set up some years ago and have not been reviewed. The resulting factor could be that they are paying too much for cover or that the protection they do have in place is no longer appropriate.  Over the last three years, we have seen an increasing demand for advice and requests to review existing cover. However, in many instances, the correct cover is not in place at all.

What Sort of Products Do We Offer?

As part of our service, our advisors will ascertain which sorts of cover should be in place and at what level. For example, we may discover that a key employee is responsible for significant profits in the business and if this employee were to die, the company would be adversely affected. In this scenario, we may recommend a Key Person policy which would pay out a lump sum to the business in the event of the employee’s death.  There are several financial products that fit into this category from Group Death in Service and Critical Illness, through to Shareholder Protection, and more information can be found at the following link.  SMQ Products 

No Obligation Free Review

If you or your business would like to review your current policies or wish to learn more about Business Protection, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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