Weight loss study indicates people no happier even with health benefit

Submitted by Daniel on 08/08/14 - 8:45 am

A recent weight loss study has indicated that even when people enjoy the health benefits of losing weight, they do not feel any better. (source BBC Health) Unfortunately conventional DIEting just doesn’t seem to be working.  Generally many of these fad diets are based around restricting calories and not balancing the macro nutrients correctly. Ultimately people end up losing weight but much of this is water and muscle (up to 40% muscle).  The end result is they have a smaller metabolic body engine which requires less calories. Once GOAL weight has been reached we start eating normally but our damaged body engine requires less calories than before………..now we have the yoyo effect in motion.

Part of the problem is that many of these diets do not emphasise the need for protein which is crucial in maintaining our metabolic body engine, so if we combine a good level of protein (ideally at least 1gram per kilo of body weight) we will lose body fat but maintain or increase our muscle mass.

One company Pharamex, has taken body reshaping to the next level. They emphasize the need for protein with their TR90 weight management system, but in conjunction with a balanced macro nutrient diet, they have produced pharmaceutical grade supplementation that can actually reset the genes responsible for changes in our metabolism (AgeLoc) as well as dealing with the cravings that often come with changes in diet. This revolutionary approach to weight management is due for launch in early 2015 however there is limited time offer available from 16th August 2014 for 14 days. Since the last limited time offer we have seen dramatic body transformations, with people in some instances actually increasing weight. The reason for this is that they have stripped fat but increased muscle which weighs more than fat.

Check out the following video as it explains the science behind transforming your body and if you are interested in trying this new approach to weight management, then please get in contact with us. TR90

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